Future-Proofing your Tenants’ rental payments for the turbulent times ahead

Your Tenants’ Four
Possible Major New Problems

In addition to current economic woes and worsening problems in our damaged State, your Tenants may have Four major new problems affecting paying their rentals.

1. Can your Tenants survive the possibility of boycotts and sanctions against South Africa by the USA and other countries?

2. Can your Tenants survive the possibility of a Blacklisting of South Africa?

3. Can your Tenants survive in an ANC-led Coalition Government in 2024-2029

4. Can your Tenants survive the geopolitical and economic fallout soon to hit the global and local economies
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How will these Four possible new major problems affect your Tenants’ ability to pay their rentals?

Your Solution


Facilitating Future Proofing Your Tenants’ Businesses for survival and prosperity.


Business risks are rising fast for your Tenants.

“The flapping of a butterfly’s wings can be felt on the other side of the world”– Chinese Proverb underpinning Chaos Theory.

During 2024 and beyond, many issues will persist and may worsen.
SME profit margins are already thin, among other issues, due to:

– high-interest rates
– very low economic growth.
– Exports are down by 11.5% in 2023
– Imports down by 9%,
– Consumers are financially exhausted,
– Nervous local investors and lenders sit on their cash
– Foreign investors and lenders rush out of the country
– Rising interest rates to attract much-needed funding
– Causing worse inflation
– Increase in unemployment
– Likely social unrest
– Politically motivated government spending is being wasted and stolen
– The Rand is falling
– Geopolitical problems and economic repercussions
– Possible Boycotts, Sanctions, and Blacklisting
– Continually failing State led by an ANC Coalition Government

Be Proactive and avoid only being Reactive when the S**T hits the fan

Proactive property people- Investors, Developers, Asset Managers, Lenders, Property Managers, Brokers, etc. can now facilitate the Future-Proofing of their Tenants’ businesses with possible prosperity and ensure they pay their rentals.

Tenant Retention Strategy in the difficult times ahead.

Offering your existing tenants the opportunity to have their businesses Future-Proofed, with possible prosperity, will substantially improve tenant retention.

Attracting New Tenants in a Squeezing Economy

A Grade Tenants will become thinner on the ground, and the market to attract them is more competitive than in the past.
These scarcer A-grade tenants will have the upper hand in tenant negotiations.
Your USP could be offering your potential Tenants the opportunity to have their businesses Future- Proofed, with possible prosperity, subject to their signing a new lease with you.

47 years of local and global experience

Working with Future Proofing Experts with 47 years of local and global experience will ensure your selected participating Tenants survive and prosper during the much harsher economic and escalating geopolitical flashpoints ahead.

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How we do this:

Stage 1 – Initial Future Proofing Assessment Report.

This Initial Assessment is an unbiased, independent, holistic, 360-degree investigation, assessment, and due diligence of your current or potential Tenant’s business. Areas of increased prosperity may be identified.


Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Techniques are used.

The Future Proofing process is achieved via a written and verified Initial Q&A process with your Tenants. This process uses critical thinking and problem-solving techniques.

We will provide Guidance to You and Your Tenant.

Capable of being Future-Proofed

If your Tenant is capable of being future-proofed, then this Initial Future-Proofing Assessment Report is presented to you and your Tenant.
As stated above, your Tenant will benefit substantially from this researched information about their business, especially if there are elements highlighted for positive and/or remedial action.
Specific elements to improve your Tenant’s prosperity may be identified in the Report.

Not capable of being Future Proofed

Suppose your Tenant appears not to be capable of being future-proofed at the time of the initial future-proofing assessment report. In that case, the issues will be highlighted in the Report for remedial action by the Tenant.
Should these issues be successfully addressed, then a reassessment of the Tenant’s business will only cost 50% of the standard charge of R9500, if required.

Financial Peace of Mind for you and your Tenant.

Both you and your Tenant will benefit substantially from the Initial Future Proofing Assessment Report.

Future-proofing your Tenant’s net income and possibly identifying elements to improve their prosperity will ensure their rental payments are made timely in the bleaker local economic and war footing geopolitical times ahead.

That is priceless.

Cost of the Report

Subject to the written consent to participate and the subsequent cooperation of the existing or new Tenant in the verified Q&A Process, the Report will be completed by us within ten working days after all the verified information is received.
The cost is R9500, payable by you and/or the Tenant,
and a 50% deposit is payable once we receive the Tenant’s written commitment to proceed.

The service is desk-bound through video conferencing.

What we do next: (Optional)

Stage 2
Proactive Prosperity Action Plan for your Tenant’s business.

¹ Where applicable, an option exists for you and/or your Tenant to continue the Future Proofing investigation and assessment process for us to create a Proactive Prosperity Action Plan for your Tenant’s business.
We apply critical thinking to find previously unseen solutions to increase your Tenant’s prosperity. Our case studies provide some examples of these solutions.

² This is a much more intensive, in-depth, verifiable Q&A process with your Tenant. It will require a written commitment from your Tenant, and it will take them and their staff time to answer the many probing questions. However, the benefits of prosperity are enormous for them and, ultimately, you.

³ The Proactive Prosperity Action Plan will, arguably, be the most enlightening and informative Report read by your Tenants since starting their businesses.
The benefits of prosperity will be substantial, especially during the tough economy ahead.

The Four Problems identified at the outset must be addressed, and solutions must be planned to ensure your Tenant’s continued prosperity.
These Four Problems and more will pressure your tenants’ businesses, and a Proactive Prosperity Action Plan becomes a ‘must have’.
⁴ If this Proactive Prosperity Action Plan advice is implemented, you and your Tenants will know substantial peace of mind during these forthcoming economic and geopolitically turbulent years.

Prosperity Action Plan Process

The Proactive Prosperity Action Plan Process comprises:
1. Proactive Business Strategy
2. Strategic Consultancy Service with ongoing consultancy, if required
3. Creative Action Plan – Case Studies
More details of the three processes will be disclosed and discussed appropriately.

Initial discussion before committing to the Proactive Prosperity Action Plan
Before beginning this Proactive Prosperity Action Plan, a dialogue will need to occur between you, your Tenant and us to ensure that all parties want to proceed and are committed to the process.

The in-depth process of creating a Proactive Prosperity Action Plan takes 1- 3 months after all the verified Q&A are submitted to us.
The Proactive Prosperity Action Plan costs R49,500 for a Small Business Tenant, payable by you and/or your Tenant.
If required, we will explain the benefits of this optional Stage 2 process to your Tenant.

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